Uppsala Centre for Business History (UCBH)


UCBH is located at Ekonomikum, Uppsala University. Photo: Martin Ceije

Uppsala Center for Business History (UCBH) is organisationally and economically associated with the Department of Economic History at Uppsala University. Jointly with The Institute for Economic and Business History Research (EHFF) at Stockholm School of Economics, we carry out research in business and financial history intended to yield knowledge concerning the mechanisms that influence the development of the economy in both the short and the long term. The intention is to increase our understanding of current problems and how best to navigate our way into the future. Research on firm organization and its historical evolution, on how markets develop, on strategic choices and on historical successes and failures, all contribute to our store of experiences. It thus increases the flexibility and preparedness among currently active CEOs, middle managers, economic journalists and other actors.

The integration and close cooperation between EHFF and UCBH has created an effective organization for the development of business and financial history research, offering a world-class research environment. The organization is an important node in a domestic and international network of scholars and research institutes that, utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach, studies the business environment in an ever changing world, the transformation of the economy and the role of the individual and the firm in these developments.

The UCBH is directed by a board with representatives from the academy as well as private companies and financiers. UCBH is financially supported by, among others, the Wallenberg Foundations, Ridderstad’s Foundation and Jan Wallander’s and Tom Hedelius’ Foundation.

UCBH co-operates with several universities in Europe as well as with universities and organizations in Sweden.