The Development of the Swedish Media Sector after the Second World War

The media sector has experienced extensive changes during the last decades, and especially in connection with the break through of information technology and changes in regulation. These changes have altered the positions for media companies, increased competition – in Sweden as well as in other countries – and opened for cross national establishments. In this project the development of the Swedish media market is analysed against institutional changes and technical development. The role of larger Swedish media companies on the national as well as the international market will be considered. The role of family ownership in the media sector will also be subject for analysis.

Participants at Uppsala University:

Mats Larsson

Selection of publications:

Larsson, M. (2008), Stockholm som centrum för medie- och informationssamhället. I Lindgren, H. & Petersson, T. /red/, Tillväxt & tradition. Perspektiv på Stockholms moderna ekonomiska historia. Stockholmia förlag, Stockholm.

Larsson, M., Lindgren, H. & Nyberg, D. (2008). Entrepreneurship and Ownership. The Long-term Viability of the Swedish Bonnier and Wallenberg Family Business Groups. I Fellman, S., Iversen. M. J., Sjögren, H. & Thue, L. /eds/ Creating Nordic Capitalism. The Business History of a Competitive Periphery. Palgrave Macmillan.

Larsson, M. & Nyberg, D. (2008), Long-term Ownership Strategies in Family Firms. The Case of Bonniers 1950-1990. I Fellman, S., Kuusterä, A. & Vaara, E., Historical Perspectives on Corporate Governance. Reflections on Ownership Participation and Different Modes of Organizing. The Finnish Society of Science and Letters.


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